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Snips Weather TTS action

MIT License

This is a Snips weather action written in Python and is compatible with snips-skill-server. It is meant to be used as a demo in the snips-platform-demo package. This action subscribes to all intents and only parses the weather intents. The result is then spoken through TTS.

This action won't give you a weather result, check snips-skill-owm for this.

Skill Setup


You'll need to add the Weather english skill in your assistant. It's available on Snips' console

SAM (preferred)

To install the action on your device, you can use Sam

sam install action -g


Copy it manually to the device to the folder /var/lib/snips/skills/ You'll need snips-skill-server installed on the pi

sudo apt-get install snips-skill-server

Stop snips-skill-server & generate the virtual environment

sudo systemctl stop snips-skill-server
cd /var/lib/snips/skills/snips-skill-weather-tts/
sudo systemctl start snips-skill-server

Setup with APT

The APT package contains only the weather assistant. The assistant will be placed in /usr/share/snips/assistant.

sudo apt-get install snips-platform-demo

The skill need to be installed manually.

Full demo installation with SAM

sam install demo install the assistants and this skill on your device.

How to trigger

Hey Snips

What will be the weather in London in two days?


Show snips-skill-server logs with sam:

sam service log snips-skill-server

Or on the device:

journalctl -f -u snips-skill-server

Check general platform logs:

sam watch

Or on the device: