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Awesome Snips Awesome

A curated list of awesome apps, customisations, tools and resources for the Snips Voice Platform.



Home Automation


  • snipssonos - Stream Spotify music on a Sonos system
  • mopidy-mqtt - Play music from Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Play and more using Mopidy
  • Bebop - Voice controlled Parrot Bebop drone
  • Karaoke - Sing your heart out with this voice-controlled Karaoke App for Raspberry Pi!
  • TV Remote - Talk to your TV


  • snipsowm - Weather conditions and forecasts using the OpenWeatherMap API
  • snipsfakeweather - We got fake news. Now let's get fake weather forecasts
  • overhead - What's flying overhead? Retrieve information about nearby aircraft, via


  • snipsmanager - The Snips Manager
  • satConnect - To easily add satellites to your main unit
  • PySnipsBatch - Test your training sentences in batch rather than one by one on the console
  • SnipsOrbit - Track, manage, configure satellites and hub remotely with a nice GUI



Community Projects

  • Project Alice Entirely built around Snips, Project Alice offers a complete framework for devs that eliminates the needs to care about the bases and focus only on the skills you want to add to your assistant. It integrates basic fallbacks and workarounds for the everyday problems leaving you the choice to remain totally offline or use some online counterparts.
  • Project Alice pre release and legacy guides:
  • Tapsterbot - Open-source and open-hardware robot for automated mobile app testing





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