Preloadable File Input/Output Manipulation library
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A set of function overrides to track file input/output calls of binaries, bundled in a shared library to preload it.


Simply run make build. This will build the library as a 64bit and 32bit shared object. The resulting library can be found in the directory out/.

If you have trouble compiling the 32bit target on a 64bit machine (missing bits/libc-header-start.h and others), you probably need to install 32bit headers (see also askubuntu)


Configuration is done using routing files. As an example:

// Routing read() calls from /etc/shadow to /etc/hostname with mode "TRUE"
file /etc/shadow
read true /etc/hostname

// Setting mode "DENY" for write() calls to /tmp/foo
file /tmp/foo
write deny

Let’s examine:

  • To announce a new file in the routing file, use file <path>
  • To configure read on that file, use read <mode> [<target path if applicable>]. Same goes for write
  • Mode may be true (which is the original function call, without libfiom interacting with it), fake which simulates an empty read or a successful write, and deny which blocks reading and writing activities (comparable to wrong permissions)

Run and use

After a successful build, the library can be used like this: LD_PRELOAD=./out/ LIBFIOM_LOGSTDOUT=TRUE LIBFIOM_ROUTEFILE=./shadow-to-host cat /etc/shadow

The specified config file is the same as shown in the Configuration section.

The command should produce an output similar to this:

[libfiom] Opening file /etc/hostname to file handle 3
[libfiom] Read 5 bytes from file /etc/hostname
[libfiom] Write 5 bytes to file <stdout>
[libfiom] Read 0 bytes from file /etc/hostname
[libfiom] Closing file /etc/hostname (handle 3)
[libfiom] Cleaning up routing table...
[libfiom] Cleaning up descriptor table...

Environment variables

The behaviour of libfiom can be set through environment variables.

Config name Values Description
LIBFIOM_LOGSTDOUT TRUE, FALSE If set to true, logs to stdout
LIBFIOM_LIMIT_SCOPE_TO <string> If set, limits all activity to the named executable, and let calls from other executables pass through without any modification.
LIBFIOM_ROUTEFILE <string> If set, uses the specified route file - see Configuration section.