Updated 5 hours ago

HTTP server changing LDAP passwords written in Go

Updated 6 hours ago

Mirrors public IP, comparable to ifconfig.li and others

Updated 10 hours ago

darknebu.la frontpage containing all the services and some information

Updated 11 hours ago

http api returning TLEs as json

Updated 20 hours ago

Implementing the "Two-line element set (TLE)", a data format encoding orbital elements of Earth-orbiting objects. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two-line_element_set


Updated 21 hours ago

Synchronize shopping lists via a python-telegram-bot

Updated 2 days ago

Single page writeup explaining how to use the barnes-hut-algorithm to cluster stars.

Updated 1 week ago

A bot to remind you of anything you want at fixed times

Updated 2 weeks ago

repo hosting code used for testing the drone ci

Updated 2 weeks ago

Web service to write, edit and search for vulnerability description texts, powered by Ruby on Rails.

Updated 1 month ago

Updated 1 month ago

Source Code, monolithic

Updated 1 month ago

All of the structures used in the GalaxySimulator.

Updated 1 month ago

Overall writeup

Updated 1 month ago

A viewer for galaxies stored in trees

Updated 1 month ago

Updated 1 month ago

clean rewrite of the simulator-container

Updated 1 month ago